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Best Swimbait Rod 2019 [Buyer’s Guide] - Lake.

17/12/2019 · Hey guys, Im in the market for a swimbait rod. Im really close to pulling the trigger on a Phenix M1 Swimbait Casting Rod in 8 Heavy. Ive felt this rod in hand at the store and have been really impressed. For a rod of its power and length, its really light, balanced, and sensitive. I also like th. 19/09/2017 · 1. Your rod needs to match and balance with the large size round reel, you need a foregrip. 2. Select a rod with more not less power than your nominal lure weight and casting distance you plan to use most of the time. Swimbaits are long casts lures and you have the optimum reel for that presentation so select a swimbait rod. 3.

The beauty of the entry level DEFY is it offers the brute strength and casting power of a swimbait rod with the comfort and feel of a regular baitcaster outfit – awesome for anyone just getting into the swimbait game! The crisp action of this rod allows for accurate casting with the confidence needed to cast medium to large swimbaits. A swimbait rod is critical piece of big lure fishing tackle. So what combinations of fishing rod component’s and fishing rod parts make a good rod for swim baits? The Swimbait Rod A Most Critical Piece of Gear When Fishing Swim Baits. First, A Brief Look at Swimbait Lures. 11/02/2016 · Does anyone know such a swimbait rod that: - is between 7'6'' to 7'11'' in length - can cast between 1 to maximum 7 oz. hard swimbaits - is as light as possible for his intrinsic pwr - has a good balance or balances well with a 8 to max. 9 oz reel. Can be a rod or a blank. but I need it to be true to that specs. Price is no object. 17/02/2015 · I don't know what musky rod you've been using !! I only use musky blanks for swimbait rods, bass swimbait rods handles are way to short and most of them are 8' and under, a good swimbait rod is preferably 8'6" or longer, plus, if you throw big baits, like musky fishermen do, you want a rod that can handle the 10-16 oz. Baits.

11/11/2016 · Good swimbait rod? A specialized forum to discuss anything and everything about your favorite or not so favorite fishing rods. 27/10/2009 · I would like to get a swimbait rod to target big bass and striper. I think Im going to purchase one in the spring and would like some opinions from those who are experienced with these. I know nothing about fishing swim baits and do not own any. I know very little about striper but have gone a ti.


16/12/2019 · Swimbait Gear for the Beginner Swimbaits can be a fun and awesome world to step into. Here's how to gear up and get started! There are many resources available to today's bass angler. When one wants to venture into the world of big baits, however, information can. Hey guys, Ive been looking at picking up a designated swimbait/pike setup for this season. Ive been looking at a 8 G Loomis imx pro 3-8oz swimbait rod or the 2-6oz also 8 but Im hesitant about spending that much cash on a fishing rod. Does anyone have any feed back on these rods or can recommend. Swimbait Reels Follow This Category. Daiwa Millionaire-S Reel. Anglers on a budget no longer need to sacrifice quality or performance thanks to the Daiwa Millionaire S series casting reels. $64.99 - $74.99 Okuma Citrix 364 Series Casting Reel. Large swimbait reels will have a low gear ratio unless they are specifically designed to be igh speed reels. If you are a biginner then a reel somewhere in the middle, roughly 6.5:1 ratio is good. For a big rod and reel that is targetting large fish with heavier lures then you may need to go as low as 5.1:1 ratio. 12/11/2007 · I would suggest a powell swimbait rod, They are about $200 and they are really good quality i know that is alot more that an Okuma but i believe that it is worth it. As for the reel i love my Daiwa Luna 400 but i believe that daiwa also makes a more affordable round reel. I would stick with powell and daiwa. Elliott.

11/11/2008 · Bass Fishing Forum > General Bass Fishing Discussion > Rods, Reels and Fishing Line > Topic: Good Swimbait Rod. The Mojo Swimbait rod is good $120. I have one. It is one of my most frequently used rods - probably put 20,000 casts on it over the past 3 years. I use it every week. Caught a bunch of pigs with it. I just borrowed my buddies Lew's American Hero swimbait / A-rig rod. It'll handle up to a 6 oz load as far as bait weight goes. 31/12/2014 · What's up everyone what a good swimbait rod that can handle lures up to 4 to 5 oz? Thanks. Swimbait Rod Wars Installment 16:. And That's A Wrap! continued. All the rods we've separated into this division can handle a wide variety of baits and really serve as good starting points for anyone looking for one stick to cover the majority of their big bait requirements.

Comments: These rods are nice considering the price point, they seem really stiff at first but once you get wait on them they flex good. With the 7' 9" jr swimbait get a good reel bc with it just being 7'9" and 17" being the handle it's not very easy to get good distance but all and all it's a great rod for $150. They seem very durable to. Whether they're spinnerbait rods, jerkbait rods, jigging rods, swimbait rods, a crankbait rod or a worm rod. When you hold a rod in your hand you're holding a piece of the evolutionary technology that has transformed the once humble fishing pole into the exquisite tool it is today. A High Quality Rod Is Not Necessarily A "Good" Rod. The blanks are built with IM8 graphite with a graphite weave overlay on the lower section of the rod up to the first guide for added stiffness. The action is medium; the blank bends well into the mid section when flexed like a good swimbait rod should, but the power is heavy. These rods will load up nicely with a heavy lure and cast it very easily. A good bass rod may not just be a baitcasting rod. Each type of rod has a particular profile. So a good crankbait rod,or a frog rod will have a different action to a good spinning rod etc. Baitcasting Rod Buyer's Guide Length Baitcasting rods are generally longer in length than a spinning rod. 25/11/2015 · And if you’ll be driving a wide-gap hook through a swimbait body, a heavy-power rod is a good choice. Reels – Jumbo baits require specialized reels. Many anglers prefer traditional round-bodied reels to low-profile models. These big metal-framed jobs have heavy “guts” and hold a ton of heavy line.

Why it's a favorite: Like a swimbait rod, I always have a jig rod ready. You always want to be able to pitch to a good looking piece of cover. But this Doomsday rod has done really well for fishing shallow cover as well as throwing football jigs offshore. The size of your bait will determine the best swimbait rod to use, and if your swimbait collection includes a wide range of weights, you’ll need multiple rods. For most anglers, a rod that’s capable of handling a bait weighing up to 1 1/2 oz will provide the versatility. At just over six inches long and weighing 2.5oz, this is a pretty big swimbait and should be fished with a good swimbait rod rated for that big of a bait. The line tie at the nose is on a swivel to prevent line twists, since this bait will dart in many directions if you give it some jerking action.

Just like you wouldn’t put an under-gunned V6 engine in a Holden race car, you wouldn’t pair a swimbait rod with a small baitcaster reel. Yes, you could get away with it, or whimper around Mount Panorama in last place, but ultimately you’ll end up loosing in the long run courtesy of bulk birds nests, meshed gears and worn out internals. If your looking for a swimbait rod & don't want to spend a lot id highly recommend this rod I've thrown these huge 6 ounce striper baits on mine & I've never had a problem with the rod cracking or snapping & I'm slinging them hard they're about 5-6 ounces each and there's a saying you get what you paid for well that's not true in this case they. Sensitivity: The Fury 795SB offers anglers more than enough sensitivity for effective swimbait fishing, and I was able to clearly discern contact with structure and subtle strikes on soft bodied swimbaits. When compared with the Champion XP 795 rod the Fury rod is definitely less.

  1. Look for balance and give.Ultimately, a really good rod will feel like an extension of your hands. While no one rod works for all fishing conditions, there are some general guidelines for choosing a swimbait rod. Choose a rod that is between 7 and a half to 8 feet long. A good swimbait rod is sturdy enough to accurately cast a heavy swimbait.
  2. This rod is great all things considered. The balance is spot on and the weight of the rod is easy to hold. Performance is good for the price and while you may be able to find much better swimbait rods, this is good for a beginner or a veteran who just wants a good product at a superb price.

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